Valleys of the Earth

by Aerial Ruin

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originally released in March 2011 by Vendlus Records


released March 1, 2011

Aerial Ruin is

Erik Moggridge - acoustic and electric guitars, vocals


Eric Peterson - all the electric guitar on Sacraments and Stnemaracas, some of the electric guitar on Lonely of Need

recorded and mixed by Jef Leppard Davis - RIP - we miss you Jef...

artwork and layout by AK Wilson

all lyrics by Erik Moggridge, all music by Erik Moggridge except tracks 4,6 and 10 by Erik Moggridge/Eric Peterson

copyright 2011 Erik Moggridge



all rights reserved


Aerial Ruin Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Amends
come hither fade
crawl all the way
and lead you where it may
ravaged and done
second to none
drip the blur to one
restless and worn
rabid and torn
as the all held you in scorn
stranger the run
scatter as one
for the lie

and if the pain refused to sky
would the air no more arrive
and if the light refused the day
would it all just fade away
and if the rain beat down like death
would the lie now make amends

I would've needed you to fall
Track Name: Genesis
now ascent has brought you forth as man
four dimensions fall below the plan
fray the seam
descend and flee
to where we all will be
held within the clutch of fallen hands

pull the strings
black taste divine
crack space in nine
scatter the blind
of flight through sin

at night the wings
rapture sublime
one hole in line
black soul to find
will spread the kingdom

from this seep red
seconds unwind
hours fall blind
years crawl to find
that burns to crimson

pray with hands
dirt drain in time
to earth resign
the last design
that raised in treason
Track Name: Earthen
nine times of this born and you cannot deny
new line to hell torn through stranded earthly eyes
the saviour to see the hellspawn in his gaze
the devil yourself would expose and enslave

in rapture enslavement of only disease
the capture of nails in the flesh of the three
and chaos can only damn all that it sees
again and again
now that I'm here I will bleed at the knees

lightning fall from the sky
led through this flesh in enslavement to time
and seethe in the change as you drown in divine
again and again
breaking the mold would sever the line
Track Name: Lonely of Need
you held on to sinking of tide
solely a breeze
the failure of death in disguise
lonely of need
and if it would need you to try
and era of fervor would roam

clash of immaculate ruin
slash from the gravital legion
and if it would need you to try
crave what the stain red was leaving
Track Name: The Twist in the Chain
led tranced few
I'm looking through you
too far from the twist in the chain the circle of pain you're led through

dread scream diffused
a shackle unused
was dropped through a hole in the floor
to melt in the core that you lose

red steeped in clues
a violet ruse
was told a soul of no harm
had murderous arms holding you

if I became you
but we never knew
the teeth and the eyes of our cage
would feign all the rage we fell through

if truth in this lie
would block out the sky
surrender this time
to nothing sublime

red crimson few
I'm looking through you
to fall from the twist in the chain
all that's deranged could be true
Track Name: Sacraments
strike from the base of the throne
reach halo
approaching divine glow
cracks in all there is to know
after the fall of the kingdom foretold all
below that the flesh will know
sacraments held by the bludgeoning hand
Track Name: Hammer
bring the hammer down
on those that will believe
turn the picture round
so nothing will be seen
in the saviours crown
the air will flow

sing the hammers sound
for those that it made bleed
cringe from splattered rounds
a holy man they make me
singe the distant cloud
embrace as ash the soils feet
rest the hammers shroud
upon the graven seed
Track Name: Saint YesterDay
a scream in the twisting fray
jug that poured the band played blues
from the other side all is fair
box of echo overdrives an interstellar shrine
Track Name: Psalm
what is this?
this division
what is that other word
calm with this temtation
led through blur to here
dot each eye glare

where's the faultline you sold
to rule an earthen crime
where's the feeling you sold
to edge away the time
psalm of this temptation
left the path so clear
and were fallen

if I could be there
Track Name: Stnemarcas
roads to infamy
blessed be
Track Name: This Place
if you could perceive this place
would you then be charred
if you could forsee this faith
would all holes unbar
if I couldn't find my face
it's in sixes and disgrace