ash of your cares

by Aerial Ruin

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released April 27, 2015

Aerial Ruin is

Erik Moggridge - vocals, acoustic and electric guitar


Don Anderson - additional electric guitar on Alter

Recorded by Lot 3 Audio
Mastered by James Plotkin
Artwork and layout by AK Wilson
Back cover photo by Justine Cederburg/Photic Photographic

All lyrics written by Erik Moggridge
All music written by Erik Moggridge except Alter by Erik Moggridge/Don Anderson

Copyright 2015 Erik Moggridge



all rights reserved


Aerial Ruin Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: burn the season
I have seen the ashen face
that gazed upon the lowest place
and knows the reason
the past would lead the blind

rise above the killing floor
know you've seen this place before
and know the reason
you're cast within the crime

time would no more bleed for you
and I the blood the seeps the truth
would only leave you
to silence all your fears

I will be the ashen face
and call as home the lowest place
where only legion
will burn the season
from the beginning
and know the reason
the past has led me here
Track Name: fable untold
Only to win where lonely the opening led from the sin
only to know that severed the broken have led you to grow
so never these days and never these eyes would hold all the failure you're led to despise
form without body all led astray
all that you're seeing is all you'll betray

cracks in the wind were towing the broken through skys glowing singe
liquid to mourn where drowning the skyward the flame is reborn
so never these stains and never these lies would smother the flame you led over the rise
born from the struggle alls bled away
all that being is all that will say

so writhe
then vanquish the tomb
when given to fall with the edge of this all
wither chains of a world that left you too soon

the wretch of the fallen
the deeper to lie
when form becomes chaos and chaos is wonder
we'll take the flame past the edge of the sky

a test of the chosen
in lava of layers
would sway and deceive you, illuminate peace through
embers of victims and ash of their cares

So rest for the broken
is stolen from none
when all the deception thats ever been kept
and has flowered in madness is scattered as one

so writhe
then vanquish the eye
given from needs that so long would deceive you
taken from gold that would only deny

a claim of the northern
led south by the sky
would only now hold where the flame would enfold you
fable untold as it bled through the nigh

So rest for the stolen
is broken from none
when all the deception thats ever has wept
and has flowered in madness is scattered to none
Track Name: a battle to leave
hold beyond, the storm has come
it rolls as one to drown the sun
it burns
where only a shadow was left with a failure that once was a man
it sears
and only the seconds that flowed as if blood from the battling hand

here is the seventh of gates
where the severed await
if the blackest of fates
was your hope and your prayer

and so you will sail as a wave to cave in
with liquified wings where the vapor will win
piercing the veil where the blessed begin

where embracing decay
in ascent to the fray
is the last that will stray
from the earth and her care

and so you appear at the edge of the wind
with nothing to fear in the ashes of sin
a battle to leave in the lowering din burns and sears
Track Name: with pale
where I left cold in the wind
and I left death in the din
so I won’t need to forgive
this place

for all the fell down
and blood on the ground
and war in the sky
and blood where you lie
from chaos held high
no stains for no eyes

with eyes you’re soon to demise
the seconds from lies
with pale you’re soon to reveal no more than you feel

so I left cold in the wind
and I left death in the din
so I might need to forgive
Track Name: what the earth would adore
nigh the seed nor strain for the living sun
born from the need was wrath where the hope was spun
fall to knees then lay at the livid floor
maul and leave for the dead what the earth would adore

if all of the screams would layer the scrolls with red
then all that would bleed knew waves as the toll of the dead
all that you see would know where the ancient fell
mourn for the trees whose roots know the path to avail

and on the edge of phase
left drifting through the haze
your bloods been spilled for days
upon the end of maze
the self on distant shore
where none were led before
Track Name: were...are...
as I walk back from this room
from the walls of my waiting tomb
and back away from deepening bends
of the path to my own end
and look again through only eyes
at what will move neath the chaos rise
as I was led to shelter there
by the hand of the blood I share

so you may not be here
but through the pale I see you clear
where you’re not for blood and fear
and the toll of the passing year
this was a random sunday song
but now its here for all thats wrong
and if you wait we’ll all belong
to the place you led this song
it wont take long…

upward gaze and earthen stand
quickened eye and shaping hand
that you worked between the layers
but felt no need to fold in prayer
and as I drowned the desert through
the kinder hand was wiser too
told of more than the lowest pull
and pulled me from the lake half-full
for all you were...are…

are you found on endless plane
that you never thought to claim
from a window opened wide
ascend upon the only glide
so you may not be here
but I’ll always hold you near
till the day that I grow still
and find my way to the sky you fill
I will
Track Name: alter
an altar built in a day
would burn to the ground in decay
and there in the ashes I’d stay
what are they trying to say

and let the fever rise
the life you would deny
the clocks that only fail
the hammer and the nail

I beg or borrow
on low for tomorrow
will see this demand
rear its head
so you will know its only bleeding

now take stand
to fall over land and sea
waves you grow break unseen
with nothing left to be deceiving
don’t run, don’t hide
to pale this side
Track Name: steepening winds
when finally I’ll arrive past the veil of unknown skies
when meaning meets belief then the world will flow from me
and all I will erase will be held in your embrace
but till then I’ll remain with another ounce of pain

so liquid for the lie
the less you know the more you’ll try
and met with steepening winds
from the veil that won’t forgive
and all that held betrayal
would form the shell that’s born to fail
so till then I’ll deceive
with another ounce to leave
in a home within belief
burn the veil so you I’ll see
when its only less than me